Chairman's Message

It gives me great pleasure to present a brief overview of what we do at BVM International and why we do so?

It is interesting to point out that we are at a unique point of time in history, when so many unprecedented changes are taking place all around us.

Autonomous Electric cars, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics etc., are set to revolutionize the way we live.

These are exciting times with the future looking so amazing. So the task we BVMi have is to prepare these young minds way into the future.

And this brings into focus a set of unique challenges to school education which we at BVMi can proudly say are making a positive impact on our student learners.

At BVMi we believe that school education needs to prepare the next generation of children to become future ready in order to succeed in the fast changing world!

And to do that we believe that Education needs to prepare the next generation of students to

  • Work In Teams, collaboratively
  • Demonstrate strong leadership
  • Have excellent communication skills
  • Possess the ability to thrive in diverse cultural & social contexts
  • Build a strong inner ethical core
  • Be resilient to face challenges
  • Learn to be independent & self directed
  • Become a Life Long learner

If we can impart these 8 key skills to these young children, then we can proudly say we BVMi have made your child future-ready.

How do we do all this at BVMi ?

Firstly, we at BVMi have a no-uniform, no-homework, no-exam policy for kids from kindergarten up to grade 5.

Coming to school is joyful and children learn best when they are happy.

This is as opposed to a typical pressure cooker approach to school education.

Once the children enter grade 6, the subjects are getting complex and the young ones are slowly maturing towards adulthood, calling for wearing formal uniform and learning complex topics.

Key learning modules & philosophies at BVMi generally tend to focus on

  • Engaging in Critical thinking
  • Higher emotional intelligence
  • Benefits of discovery & innovation
  • Meaningful & futuristic cross curricular projects
  • Creative Learning techniques
  • Exploring Real world concepts – Developing own solutions.
  • Experiential learning like Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Coding & STEM
  • Developing better self directed study habits.
  • Best supported by a truly world class curriculum backed by inspiring teachers

BVMi schools are a pivot where our teachers are designers & constructors of learning opportunities for our students.

Our BVMi vision takes into account our Indian roots, values and culture imparted throughout a learners life in BVMi.

Sports, Project day, Annual day etc are great ways to build collaboration & team spirit, but the same can be achieved in conjunction with empathy! We do this by empowering students to work alongside in various combinations of gender, varying skills, varying age groups and varying cultural backgrounds in teams.

In order to achieve true holistic education, we have CBSE affiliation, NIOS affiliation so that students can switch flexibly as their interests change entering into middle & high school.

Ultimately the true test of our BVMi philosophy is whether our students want to and love to come to school each and every day.

We believe that BVMi education will equip your child with 21st Century skills, thereby making your child future-ready!

Finally we at BVMi believe in carefully nurturing and inspiring these young minds to become good global citizens in order to build a better world.

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