1. Is the School affiliated to an International Board?

- Yes, it is affiliated to Edexcel, UK

2. Which Board of Curriculum does the school follow?

- Pearson Edexcel, UK

3. What are the second languages available?

- Grade 1 to 5 (both Tamil & Hindi) and Grade 6 to 10 (Hindi or Tamil)

4. Do you have an option to learn a foreign language as third language? If so, then from which class?

- Yes we offer French as Third language, from Grade 6 & above.

5. Student Teacher Ratio?

20 : 1

6. Age Criteria for admission?

Grade Age Entry Level
(As on 1 st of June)
Pre KG 2.5 years
Grade 1 5.5 years
Grade 5 10.5 years

7. What is the prescribed Uniform, sports uniform and others if any?

-Red T-Shirt & Blue Trousers for all grades (Except Friday & P.E days) Sports Uniform — White T-Shirt & Black tracks

8. What are the modes of payment?

- New admission — NEFT/Cheques; Current students — online

9. Do you have trained teachers for Early Years, Primary & Lower Secondary levels?

- All our teachers are internationally trained. Various training methods such as face to face, webinar, online, seminars, workshops, etc., are employed.

10. What is the Pattern and load of homework?.

- Stress free education; Light practice work would be given till Grade 5. FOCUS on skill development.

11. What kind of Extra-curricular activities do you offer?

- Synergy club, Week long events, Theme Based events,Inter School activities,Cross cultural understanding,Parent Involved activities,Indoor and outdoor sports

12. What kind of Sports activities are conducted during PT period?

- Train them young —Physical training & activities;Free Hand , Stretching exercises, Games & Sports; Drill -for all the grades, Indoor Sports like- Table Tennis, Badminton Carrom , Chess ,Yoga and meditation. Outdoor Sports- HandBall, Throw Ball

13. What is the pattern of assessment?

- Early Years (PreKG, LKG & UKG) there is NO formal assessment. Grade 1 will have assessment in Second Semester with lighter portion. Grade 2 onwards weekly cycle tests and two-'term exams'.

14. How is Technology used in teaching?

- Lesson modules are prepared by our own teachers according to the cognitive bandwidth of the students; Regular learning videos and PPTs are presented during the class transactions; projector and N - computing devices.

15. What about Field trips & educational trips ?

- Students will be taken on field trips as per the subject requirements. In addition students will also be taken on field trips to explore project day activities. Programs like Student Exchange Program are a common feature.

16. What are the School timings?

Grades Timings
PreKG & LKG 8.30 am to 12.30 pm
UKG & Above 8.30 am to 3.30 pm

17. Do you provide Transport facility?

- Yes.

18. Is there a Female assistant in the bus? safety in bus?

- Yes, female sub-staff will be there in the bus; Bus safety committee along with parent representative will inspect the buses every month; Drivers are appointed after Police verification. Transport is managed by our BVM Global school @ Bollineni Hillside Campus.

19. GPRS tracking?

- Yes. Tracking system is installed in every bus. Parent can track the school bus using the mobile app.

20. Medical emergency — Do you have Nurse & Infirmary?

- Yes, we have Nurse available at our campus and a Sick bay too

21. PTA & other committees

-We have Parent Teacher Association Executive Committee — members meet Principal every month to discuss the concerns and receive feedback

22. What is the procedure to meet Teachers?

- PTM schedule will be followed as per the school calendar. Apart from that, parents can meet the teachers with prior appointment;

23. What is the mode of Parent communication?

- BVMi Portal App; Web Login; e-mails; School diary; Oral communication; phone calls

24. What is the policy on Medical or long leaves?

- Parents should send an email request and upon approval by the Head of School, due process will be followed. Academic related support would be provided as per the requirement.

25. Do you conduct classes on Saturdays?

-Third Saturday is a holiday. On other Saturdays — Special Classes for Grade 6 & above is conducted. On need basis, compensatory working day might be on a Saturday.

26. What are the major events and celebrations at school?

-School celebrates Project Day, Music Carnival, Wellness Day, Founder's Day — student participation is a MUST. Religious festivals (Ganesh Chathurthi, Golu, Diwali, Christmas, Eid, etc), and national festivals (Independence Day, Children's Day, Republic Day, etc) are also celebrated.

27. Do you encourage Inter school competitions?

-Grades 6 & above participate in inter-school competitions

28. Do you conduct competitive exams?

-Yes, we do conduct Spell Bee, ASSET and Olympiad exams. Our students have secured outstanding performance every year in ASSET and Olympiad exams.

29. Queries regarding STEM.

-School has a special team to inculcate STEM activities. All grades right from Pre KG to Grade 10 will have lessons included in the regular school time table. Artificial Intelligence is also included as part of STEM activity.

30. Do you have computer studies?

-Grade 1 & above have ICT (Information & Communication Technology) classes.

31. What are the Early Years day to day activities?

-Free play, Play-way method of learning, outdoor play, Sensory & Stimulatory play, Big book sessions, Emergent reading program through ORT, Music & movements, Silent Zone, etc.,

32. How do you focus on student’s behaviour?

-Imparting 'Life Skills' education from Grade 1 & above to improve behavioural skills of all students.Weekly observations by School counsellor to support students who are in need

33. What are the safety measures taken in the school?

-CCTV cameras are in place, Fire extinguishers are available, Fire-exits are visible, Fire-drills are conducted once per semester. Female sub-staff at toilet entrance, teachers monitor during break time, teachers take attendance for bus dispersal. Security is available at the school gate.

34. Is canteen facility available?

-No. May be considered based on the demand in the near future.

35. Is day care facility available?


36. What is the achievement exam?

-At the end of Grade 5 & Grade 8, students will appear for iPrimary & iLower Secondary Certification for English, Math & Science; which is externally assessed in UK.

37. How about the resources or books?

-The books and resources are mapped by the academic team in line with the learning outcomes of respective grade's specifications.

38. What is International GCSE and its equivalent in India?

-International GCSE is equivalent to Grade 10 of an Indian Board

39. How about progression after International GCSE?

-After successful completion of International GCSE, student will then be admitted into International AS Level (Grade 1 1 ) followed by International Advanced Level (Grade 1 2)

40. How about changing into different board after iGCSE?

-Student can shift to any board after successful completion of 5 minimum required passes at iGCSE level.

41. What subjects are currently being offered at International GCSE?

-English, Math A, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, ICT, Tamil & French.

42. What is iAL?

-It stands for International Advanced Level. It is a two-year syllabus, after successful completion of the same, a learner will be awarded International Advanced Level qualification which is equivalent to Grade 1 2 of an Indian board.

43. What subjects are currently being offered at International Advanced Level?

-English, Pure Mathematics, Statistics, Mechanics, Physics, Chemistry & Biology, Geography, French, ICT

44. Are your teachers trained for iGCSE and iAL qualifications?

-Yes, all our teachers have attended iGCSE and iAL qualifications training programs in various modes (face to face training, webinar, online sessions, seminars organized by the Edexcel, and also training from experienced external trainers are conducted frequently to enhance the subject knowledge.

45. How about progression after iAL?

-Pearson Edexcel qualifications are recognized by leading universities across the world — including Oxford, Cambridge, Columbia & Yale University. IAL qualifications also provide learners with access to world's top universities and prestigious employment opportunities.

46a. Is iAL qualifications being accepted in India? Can students join Medicine or Engineering at Indian Universities?

-Yes, it is very well accepted in all Indian Universities. Students can also appear for NEET/JEE exams. A student should get at least 3 passes at iAL to be eligible to get admission. For further details please visit

46b. Is it possible to join Pre-University courses after completion of iGCSE qualification?

-Yes, International Universities offer Pre-University courses such as 'Foundation in Science' which leads to an Undergraduate Admission into Medical or Engineering. The minimum entry requirement is 5 Passes with 'B' grade or equivalent levels each in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics or Additional Mathematics and another subject.

47. Does the school provide counseling and guidance towards selection of UG Courses in India/Abroad?

-Yes, we do organize campus interviews by International Universities at our schools. Students along with parents are invited for the same. Also, we provide individual counseling to help them select the right course at UG level.

48. How was the academic performance of previous batches?

-Since its inception, school has been achieving cent percent results in iPrimary Level Award, iLower Secondary Award, IGCSE and A level with very high achieving scores.


iPLS International Primary & Lower Secondary
iGCSE International General Certification of Secondary Education
iAS International Advanced Subsidiary
IAL International Advanced Level

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