Our Success Stories

Vipin Kumar (UKG/Grade 3)

It gives us an immense sense of achievement that our kids are in BVMi , to be honest in 2020 we entered into the school with lot of hesitation both in terms of fees and quality of education but BVMi broke this misconception in 2020 itself. It has been around 3 years now and we must say that it surely was a splendid choice that we made for our kids future. In this current scenario, it is imperative to stay positive and we are very contented that our kids are in such an amazing environment. Teachers have a very positive approach towards the students and make them aligned to the topic if not immediate but through offline modes after the classes with the help of parents. Their concern on each individual kid has been extremely vibrant and gives us the satisfaction that our kids are in safe hands. The school management is so approachable for listening to concerns from parents and are also very much accommodative in taking up suggestions in taking the school to heights. As proud parents we look forward for the school to reach enormous heights. Our best wishes from Reyansh and Shveni’s parents. Kids Name Reyansh - Grade 3 Shveni - UKG Parents Name Mother - Bindiya Bhaskaran Father - Vipin Kumar

Parent of Riza Ameen (Riza Ameen - Grade 1)

“It is been extremely enriching experience for my child in BVM International School. I feel much protected and optimistic that my child is in right platform. The various activity held at school has helped my daughter to improvise her skill in arts and Socialization.” - Parent of Riza Ameen (Grade 1)

Sreevani (Gagana Sree - UKG)

I, as a parent of Gagana studying UKG, appreciate the efforts made by school and teachers. The school has provided positive feelings to the kids during foundational year. I'm happy to see various activities provided to the kids to build strength and confidence in them. I have always had positive experiences with them in all my interactions! Thank you BVMI, for your incredible support in all. Thanking you, Sreevani. Parent of Gagana Sree UKG

Annapoorani (Dev - Grade 6)

Hi, I am Annapoorani M/o M.Dev, Grade 6 and M.Maya, Grade -3. My kids got admission to BVMi last year and I was not aware of the functioning of the school. My kids have been treated so lovingly throughout the year by their teachers. now in his second year of school, they are having a great time through online classes.BVMi is the only school that has a lot of individual attention. The Virtual classrooms are fun, bright and full of engaging possibilities at every turn. They keep the little ones well connected and engaged with their interactions which has definitely proved beneficial for their listening and communication skills. The curriculum is the perfect mix of challenging and interesting activities and can familiarise a wide spectrum of child’s minds at this young age. The music and exercise sessions contribute to the child’s complete physical development during these difficult times. The challenging curriculum taught in a nurturing and fun environment. The teachers are incredibly supportive and enthusiastic - every day, which makes for a great learning environment. Most importantly BVMi had been chosen as one of the best international schools in the top 10 schools in PAN India and Edexcel has been honoured with their Incentre Branding. We would like to convey our heartfelt appreciation to the school Principal and teachers for their priceless efforts, understanding, support, guidance and contribution towards our kid's progress. We feel truly lucky to have been able to give our child this kind of a platform and be a part of the BVMi family!

Parent (Aaradhana - Grade 2)

My daughter joined this school in grade 1 and I can see her confidence is growing day by day. Teachers are friendly and helping the students to explore more activities. There is always two way communication in the classes where kids are allowed to speak up their thoughts. There is no pressure on kids and they learn eagerly. Kudos to all the staffs and management.

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