Early years

Pre Primary education is about awakening the child’s curiosity and a sense of wonder about the world around them.Recognising that development in the early years is crucial, our Early Years academic programs will provide a rich and varied curriculum that will build a foundation for educational success for our BVM International pupils, meeting our goal of equipping our pupils to be lifelong learners and global citizens.We wanted to build on existing key concepts, principles & strategies in order to articulate what constitutes 21st century education for BVM International Early Years students.

The Early Years curriculum was designed specifically for BVM International students, developed by a team of international education experts.The curriculum provides an outstanding learning experience which will give our young pupils a well-rounded holistic education.The International Early Years curriculum will highlight teaching & learning principles that are relevant for developing 21st century competencies of our students, sowing the seeds of future success.


Welcome to Foundation Stage!

BVMi provides an inviting and engaging environment .We believe that every child is unique and develop at different rates. There is a right balance of child initiated and adult led activity for the children to achieve their full potential .Children become independent, competent and reflective thinkers.

Our exploration and investigation activities provide experiential learning that focuses on 21st century skills.We believe in parent partnership.When parents and educators work together they build positive relationships and create opportunities for social , emotional and academic competencies.

Highlights of our curriculum

Weightless school bags

Creative Art studio

Home visits by EY teachers

Emergent Reading Program through ORT

Theme based curriculum

Sensory and Stimulatory Play

Play way method of learning

Multilingual stories

Free Play time

Circle time for 1-1 teacher student interaction

Music and Movement

Small group time for differentiated learning

Quiet Zone

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Overview

The EYFS underpins our approach through the early years principles; children need to learn through actively exploring, creating and critical thinking.


The four guiding principles that shapes the practice in Early Years is as below:


The areas of learning and development are broken into seven areas which are interrelated.


Our lesson plans are made based on 5E model. We engage students by making connection to real life task, and previously taught concepts. Students explore through hands on activities and investigations. We use lots of techniques to connect their exploration to the concepts. The concepts are elaborated by designing stations to practice their skills. Regular observations help teachers to access the students.


Parents as Partners

We recognise parents as first educators and work closely with them to support with home learning. Teachers regularly post updates and parents interact with teachers regularly .Our BVMi Little Magazine newsletter is posted every month which is a connect between students, parents and school.

A Journey To A Bright Future Begins With BVM INTERNATIONAL

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